Get to Know Animated Parenting

Do you love animation? Disney Parks? Are you a Disney+ or Netflix streaming wizard? Are you looking for ways to catalog or organize your digital life (photos, videos, files)? How do you feel about smart homes, technology, or wrangling your ever-digital life — and what about your privacy?

Welcome to Animated Parenting — let us introduce ourselves. We are Julie and T.J., a husband and wife team (along with our Son) who are thrilled to share our passion for family-related news, reviews, and maybe even share a giveaway or two from our favorite companies, theme parks, film studios and more!

T.J. & Julie

Our goal with Animated Parenting is to build a family-friendly atmosphere that fans visit to learn about upcoming films, events, tech news, products (across many categories), and much more. It’s OK to be get older, but it’s not OK to be out of touch. Animated Parenting is our way to explore our journey of continued evolution — We hope you will join us as we embark on our journey.

For Parents Only?

No. Whether you’re a parent or not, Animated Parenting is for everyone and although we will be a central source for family-friendly news (with our own spin as parents), we’re also going to discuss general-interest items like films, products, photography and so much more — including specialized content and videos on our YouTube channel.

Why Did We Start the Site?

The answer is simple, we honestly really enjoy creating (writing, photography, video editing, graphic design) and sharing/discussing topics with other folks. Heck, we even run a popular Pixar fan site, Pixar Post, where we discuss our favorite animation studio. As we now start Animated Parenting (alongside Pixar Post), we look forward to exploring and sharing our other passions and interest with fans just like you.

Why the Name Animated Parenting?

Newton taught us that an object in motion, stays in motion…well, unless it meets an opposing force. Well, the opposing force in most of our lives can be many, many things — work, kids, hobbies, worry.

These are not always bad things, but they require energy to keep things moving forward in a positive manner. Being animated is being “full of life” or “lively” and although we know including the name “Parenting” can feel somewhat limiting, we really take it to mean “life” and for us parenting is our life as we will forever be parents — hopefully growing and staying animated along the way.

More About Us — Specialities

Like any couple, we feel we have our own areas of expertise.

T.J. is our household tech expert — whether he’s obsessing over Apple products, GoPro cameras, making a more “smart home”, managing our digital life, exploring streaming options, he absorbs it all and loves every minute of it.

Julie keeps the whole family glued together and organizes our days, but also dreams big. She is the Disney Parks go-to for the entire family and may plan a trip or two even if we’re not going soon…just because. Not only does she loves the parks but she also has a passion for the filmmaking process. Fun Fact, Julie has made a few cameos in several films, including Disney’s ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’

We’re pleased to meet you — Julie & T.J.